From the Catapult weekend in Atlanta in 2012. Video by Jim Crawford. (2:38)
More video from Catapult. Nice piano break into a hot Mando Mafia tune! (2:45)
A little bit of a Klezmer feel: Beth Cohen’s. (1:11)
Some old-time. Shenandoah Falls. (1:03)
We start this one gently, then keep ramping it up. (1:24)
An original rag, written for contradancing. (1:35)
A couple of original tunes in a Klezmeresque style. (1:04)
One of our trancy tunes. (1:06)
A couple of old and lively tunes. (2:09)
A little more of Lulu’s Back in Town. (1:12)
Another original tune, written specifically for contradancing. (2:32)
At the Spanish Ballroom in Glen Echo. Julie Mangin took the video. (1:25)
Here we are tearing up some English Country Dance at Catapult. (4:29)

Thanks for watching! See you on the dance floor soon!